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Multimedia Artist

Graduate of OCA (OCADU) Ontario College of Art, 1972-76.

In 1979, I started at CBC Television as a graphic designer-animator-illustrator. The years that followed, I designed the look/format of TV shows, openings or anything that required Art Direction/Design, illustration or animation. 


Some most noted shows:

Market Place, The 5th. Estate, The National, documentary specials, The Greatest Canadians (Don Cherry) and animations/illustrations for The Nature of Things and Sesame Street.

In addition, I designed-animated commercials for such CBC radio shows as: The Current, Metro Morning as well as other television commercials.

During my 25 years, I've evolved into various, multimedia areas of interest in the film and TV industry.

Today, I consider myself as a Multimedia Artist/Indie Film Producer.


In addition: I produce personal biographies for people;  illustrated for educational books, editorials for newspapers and periodicals; studied comedy improv at Second City; film/television script writing; and  provide my voice characterizations for industrial videos or commercials. (I have a repertoire of over 100 voice characterizations.)


In 2015, I produced a low-budget mockumentary film, Clem Junebug–Ghost Detective (Feature Film, 65 min.). It won 3 awards and 1 nomination. (DVD available at Amazon; viewable on Amazon-Prime &

In the film, I produced, wrote, directed, edited, portrayed 8 characters, composed the music and designed the entire graphic production as well as financed it myself. It took a year and a half to complete. I’ve also produced a short film, Excuse Me? What?!, which in essence is a segment from the film. It received an award for Best Comedy Short. 


Clem Junebug–Ghost Detective awards:

Los Angeles Cinefest, 

Canada International Film Festival – Best Comedy Feature Film, 2015 (Vancouver)

Nevada Film Festival – Golden Reel Award – Best Feature, 2015

Nomination for Best Comedy Film, The Berlin International Film Maker Festival, 2015

My short film (7 min.), Excuse Me? What?!  received an award at the Canada Shorts Film Festival.

Published: Untold Mysteries From The Vaults.

10 short stories, parodying the UFO/alien genre. (Available on Amazon.)

You're Imagining Things, It's All In Your Head. 

Features 51 illustrated posters, of which, 32 of the posters were part of my 2017 poster exhibit.

(Available on Amazon.)

I've created/designed a unique graphic production course for broadcast and currently seeking an art college in Canada or the U.S. to teach.

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