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In production, a comedy short film about a driving instructor and his obscure trainees. The link is a first draft opening.

Driving Me Nuts! - Intro Animation

This is a first draft intro cold-opening to title. Film is still in production.

Driving Me Nuts!

In production.

Clem Junebug-Ghost Detective

Poster of my mockumentary film. Film: Amazon-Prime & Amazon. Poster:



Clem Junebug-Ghost Detective

The cast of characters. Video platform link below.

Awards for Clem Junebug-Ghost Detective.

Excuse Me? What?!

Poster of my short film. An actual excerpt from the Clem Junebug-Ghost Detective film.

"Excuse Me? What?!" won in Canada's Short Film Festival.

Excuse Me? What?!

Trailer to short.


My first mockumentary film on the UFO and Extraterrestrial genre.

Table Hockey Invite-2

Using a SIN CITY excerpt as a personal table hockey tournament invite.

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